January 23, 2011

come over here

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if you have been following my weak attempt at a blog…

look for me over here…



April 11, 2010

apr 11- more flowers

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i love flowers.  even more than that… i love southern flowers.  these are pictures from my walk tonight.  so pretty…

April 10, 2010

apr 10- eagle hatchling

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driving home from york, sc, i started to think about a future time when my son will get his eagle scout award.  i know he will and i saw the future today as i sacrificed my day off to take him to a merit badge workshop all day.  one day i will remember that there was a beginning to the sacrifice that will end with a ceremony and a tearful and proud mom.

apr 8- work crocs

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these are my work crocs… cute enough to wear with a skirt. comfy like my slides…

apr 5-7 nineties!

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94 degrees in early April…are you kidding?

apr 4- clean

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while i listened to general conference, i spent the whole 2 hours cleaning my kitchen.  it felt so good to be listening to ways to do better while making something look better than i found it.  i got a lot more out of the talks than i would have sitting on my couch trying to stay awake.  i loved all of the talks on sunday and have lots to do to improve and be more Christlike.

apr 3- eggs

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the girls and i tried something new with dyeing easter eggs this year.  we used some liquid dye and it was a MESS.  mom  was the only one who had the pleasure of this mess.  they turned out cool but not worth the mess during the dyeing or the peeling…

apr 2- pollen

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pollen is fierce and ferocious around here.  while i was out to breakfast i ran my hand along the table out on the patio and the pollen was pretty thick…

apr 1- april fools

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max got this great idea for an april fools prank on grace.  he got the idea from m*a*s*h and decided to remove every single thing from grace’s bedroom.  it was great and so sneaky.

mar- sunset

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